Regular Slotted-type boxes

Regular slotted-type boxes

Slotted-type boxes are the most common type of cardboard packaging, and they are relatively cheap. Thanks to their simple design and ease of folding, they can be used as individual boxes, as well as bulk boxes. Designs and logos can be printed onto any of these boxes. Our cardboard packaging designs are based on FEFCO’s International Fibreboard Case Codes. The most popular ones have the codes 0200-0203.

Design 0200

Design 0200 is known in the industry as a half-slotted container, as it has no top flaps. It is most frequently used in situations where the top flaps could get in the way of putting products inside the box. It is often paired with a lid (code FEFCO-0452).

Design 0201

Design 0201 is also known as a “regular slotted container”. This is the most common cardboard container, where both the bottom and top flaps meet in the middle of the shorter edge, allowing you to tape or glue them together. They are easy to store when folded.

Designs 0202-0203

Designs 0202-0203 are the most useful for heavy loads. The overlapping flaps ensure that the products are well secured. This type of container can withstand less-than-ideal indoor conditions, such as dampness.