Cardboard dividers

Cardboard dividers

Cardboard dividers are most commonly used to separate products that can be easily damaged (e.g. glass bottles, jars, baubles, electronics), disfigured (wooden figurines, metal tins), or eroded (painted metals – brackets, handles, car components) With cardboard dividers, we can ensure the safety of your product. This means we can:

  • Save time since we no longer have to pack each product into a separate container
  • Optimise packaging costs and cost of logistics (the packaged goods take up less space)
  • Allow effective presentation of bulk product upon box opening

Cardboard dividers can be used with corrugated cardboard, as well as packaging made from other materials – e.g. plastic, wood, or metal. They can also be reused. More fragile products require immobilisation during transport. On these cases, we use inserts with cut-outs, which means that the product has more points of support, eliminating the possibility of movement.

Custom designs

Most products require unique insert design. Once you send us the product that you wish to package, we can design the packaging to fit the needs of the project. The weight, size, and other specific attributes of your product will be matched by us to the perfect packaging material and design.