Privacy Policy


The data controller responsible for your personal data obtained through the website is “PAKON Kwiatkowski i Spółka Jawna”, 47-400 Racibórz ul. Stalowa 4, KRS: 000000006755, NIP: 6390001854, REGON: 270543033. Email address: Telephone number: +48 32 415 21 37 – and is referred to as the “Administrator”. It’s required by European law that the processing of data is completed following Article 6 paragraph 1(f) of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27th April 2016, for the protection of natural persons. These laws cover the processing of personal data and the free movement of this data and include a repealing Directive 95/46/EC in line with GDPR. (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • At your request, your personal data will be used to fulfil contractual obligations, and allow us to respond to your questions and queries using a contact form, email or telephone. These obligations will be carried out either, verbally or in written form, in line with Article 6, paragraph 1(b) of the GDPR regulations.
  • The personal data you provide through the contact form or the price enquiry chatbot will be available to the internet and email hosting service provider, and the website designer.
  • Initially, your personal data will be held and processed for one year. At the end of your contract, your data will remain on file for a further five years, which will run based on the financial year, rather than a calendar year. At the end of the five years, your data will be deleted from our records.
  • Should you have any concerns about how your personal data is being processed, or feel there is a violation of the law, please contact us immediately, and we will take action to ensure these queries are resolved. You have the right to complain to The Personal Data Protection Office, should you remain unsatisfied with any aspect of how we collect and use your data.
  • The contract process is based on the personal data you provide voluntarily. Please note that without this data it will not be possible to execute the contract, and we will be unable to maintain contact with you. To complete the contract process, the Administrator must be able to process your personal data for this specific purpose.


By browsing website you agree to our use of technologies including cookies, which store and access information on your computer, or another visitor device, connected to the network. This allows us to provide the visitor with maximum comfort and security when using the website. During your visit, we may automatically collect data about your use of our website and other online services, such as your IP address, details about your operating system, browser, and other details collected through https protocol. We may also gather information including statistics, location, time zone settings and other technology on the devices you use to access our website to make adjustments which we consider to be in the visitor’s interests.


A cookie is information sent by a server which is then stored on the visitor’s device. Usually on the hard drive of a computer or in the memory of a mobile device. The cookie stores information the website may need to adapt the visitor’s use of the website and to collect statistical data about the website. This includes information on pages which have been visited, any downloaded elements, domain name data of the Internet service provider, and/ or the country of origin of the visitor. This is done without collecting any information which allows the visitor to be identified. This information may sometimes be personal information which enables us to attribute certain behaviours to a specific user. Cookies used on the website will be used to adjust the content of the web pages to the user’s preferences and increase the relevance and personalisation of the content of the website. Cookie files used on the website aren’t harmful to the visitor or the computer/end device used by the visitor. We recommend you don’t turn the cookies off in the browser. The website uses two categories of cookies: session cookies, which remain on your computer or mobile device until you log out of the website, or turn off the software and persistent cookies remain on the visitor’s device for a period specified in the parameters of the cookies, or until they’re manually deleted in your browser. The website uses the following types of cookies:
  • Strictly necessary cookies, which are essential to enable you to use the website effectively, for example authentication cookies required for authentication requests and to maintain session information.
  • Security cookies are used for detecting and identifying fraudulent use of the website.
  • Performance cookies enable us to identify how users browse our website.
  • Functionality cookies allow our website to remember choices you make and in-turn provide enhanced features, such as news or updates relevant to the services you use.
Visitors can change the way cookies are used by the browser, including blocking or deleting them from the website. To do this, the settings in the browser need to be changed.


We encourage you to contact the Administrator at any time, by directly by sending an appropriate message in writing, by e-mail, or by telephone at the telephone number which can be found in the first paragraph of the “Privacy Policy” or in the Contact section. The Administrator stores this correspondence for statistical purposes and to ensure the most efficient reaction to queries which arise. Addresses and data collected in this way, will not be used to communicate with the Client, for any other purpose other than the execution of the request.


You have the right to request access, rectify data, erase or request a restriction or objection to the processing of your data. You also have the right to complain about how we process your personal data to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.


This Policy applies only to the website. The website may contain links to other websites. The Administrator encourages you to read the Privacy Policy on other websites you visit. The Administrator reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy in the future. Some reasons for changes may include:
  • Changes in line with regulation, in particular Personal Data protection, telecommunications law, services provided electronically and regulating consumer rights which may affect our rights and obligations, or the rights and obligations of visitors to the website.
  • Development of functionalities or Electronic Services due to the progress of Internet technology, including the application/implementation of new technological or technical solutions affecting the scope of the Policy.
The Administrator will place information about changes in the Policy within the website. Following any changes, a new version of the Policy will be posted with the date of effect. This policy has been undertaken in line with the scope of legal regulations. In the event of any doubt or contradiction between the Policy and the consent granted by you, regardless of the provisions of this Policy, please contact us immediately. This document is for general information purposes only and is not a contract or a regulation in its own right. This version of the Policy is effective from 1.01.2019